Guys, this is all good and well (and congratulations), but do you mind me asking:

How do you think the interests align between your new and your future shareholders as opposed to your current syscoin holders? You say in your post that you will offer different solutions to new clients if sys is not a fit.

I for one would have felt better if you had actually used a secondary coin offering of SYS to find these 3.3m. It would have meant interests are aligned for sure. This however seems to be a step in a direction where at least in theory blockchain foundry can show how well they did with sys as an example but use it only for “testing purposes” at some point, let people use zcash on blockmarket and focus mostly on keeping your shareholders happy. Would be great if you could point out how interests are aligned. Payment in part in a fixed SYS amount for developers or dividends to shareholders in SYS would be a good way for example.

Thank you.

Ps yes I did see the paragraph on sys development, but in my view there could now be a point when blockchain foundry’s profit maximizing path no longer necessarily needs to include sys at some point

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