I am a “working person” and have a reasonably solid grasp on economics and finance. We disagree on central banks and I have written quite a lot on the topic in connection with bitcoin. Anyways, we won’t be able to bridge that gap as it appears to be ideological.

Just one point which you are citing incorrectly. I say automation SHOULD be a positive, you allege I write that it IS. What I mean is described in part 3 of the film “Zeitgeist” (less the populism) as a pretty positive possible utopia if we used the world’s resources to organize our society as a whole. When I say automation should be a positive, I mean that in theory if people no longer HAVE to work, but can choose what to do with their time because most jobs are taken care of by machines that could (or perhaps should) be a positive. Getting to that world without bloodshed might be illusional. Bitcoin, by the way, is not a route to it, but rather simply exchanges one set of oligarchs for another.

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Entrepreneur, Fund Manager, Ex-Consultant and Hobby Ice Hockey Player. Child of the Sun. Any opinions personal, never investment advice, sometimes parody

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