Not really looking to re start that argument. But just to be clear: swift and a centrally controlled ‘blockchain‘ (taking away the main reason for a blockchain; its immutability) are not that different and there is zero reason for any bank to use the ripple token. It s a scam.

Check out both those links. Ripple the company I am sure is great. Ripple the token is hot air and a prime example of a bubble where idiotic people buy anything that has a faint smell of blockchain (see the stocks that add „blockchain“ to their name, yes their name(!) and soar 250%). It is not used by banks (see both links above), nor will it ever be used (they own swift, using ripple has only downsides).

If you made money on ripple – great. Don‘t keep holding it… bitconnect also went up by 10000% before it went to zero.

Entrepreneur, Fund Manager, Ex-Consultant and Hobby Ice Hockey Player. Child of the Sun. Any opinions personal, never investment advice, sometimes parody

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