Thank you for your comments. One point (that I made before):

The comparison to Venezuela is not valid. If you are a country such as Venezuela or even Russia that is neither the source of the most wealth (ie investment capital) nor home to either the people running exchanges or ICOs or the biggest mining rigs, then quite obviously you cannot contain Bitcoin trading easily.

However, I am talking here about the US and Europe (incl Switzerland with Crypto valley). Given the US allegedly can even take down most of the internet for a few nights if they wanted to, it is hard to argue they could never attack Cryptos. But my point is — they don’t have to.

Cryptos will only become mainstream if a significant amount of wealth uses it via institutional money or by being held by vast proportions of the (wealthy) population (of the globe that is)and if people can freely use it to innovate etc.

If however a government like the US were to say that offering an ICO the way it has been done turns you into a criminal and prison awaits you, do the same to exchange owners living in the US if they trade these ICOs or even (in an extreme scenario) use electricity usage data to find huge mining rings and simply turn them off, they would have every means necessary to make crypto trading nigh impossible and replace it with a state sponsored crypto currency. Note that I realize this would never “kill” Bitcoin, but it would certainly prevent mass market adoption and prices above 100 USD per coin…

Just my two cents, but I felt expanding on why Venezuela is not a comparison that is valid would be important here.

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Entrepreneur, Fund Manager, Ex-Consultant and Hobby Ice Hockey Player. Child of the Sun. Any opinions personal, never investment advice, sometimes parody

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